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Fraud Red Team Brochure

Download our brochure that summarizes what Fraud Red Team can do at a glance. Learn about our comprehensive testing diary, how clients use our assessments,

2023 Threat Report

Take a look at the leading threats and scams that are attacking financial institutions in 2023.

Periodic Table of Attacks

Check out all the new weapons used against account fraud. Our periodic table inventories the scope of the attacks and exploits that fraudsters routinely deploy.

Blog Posts

scam education awareness

Scam Awareness Education Needs to be Improved and Reimagined

To become effective, scam education needs to be re-imagined and delivered through alternative methods, such as “Friendly Scamming.” This approach will challenge internal F.I. stakeholders

Red Team Testing Part 4–A Case for Red Team Testing Fraud Controls

Cyber teams have long conducted fraud controls like table top exercises and hired external pen testing companies to identify bank weaknesses. This is considered business
multi-factor authentication

Red Team Testing Part 3- More Use Cases for Testing

A good example for red team testing is MFA (multi-factor authentication) and even basic OTP authentication.
sending to receiving banks

Red Team Testing Part 2- Receiving Bank Activities

In the past twelve months, there is a brand-new focus on receiving banks becoming involved in reimbursements for financial scams.
fraud red team testing

Why Do I Need Fraud Red Team Testing?

Fraud Red Team testing is external third-party testing where tester thinks like a fraudster to show how the layers of security can be defeated.

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