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Greenway Solutions has extensive experience in assessing, strengthening, and testing companies’ security controls and processes to prevent, detect and remediate threats.


Protect Yourself Against Security Threats

New security threats to businesses and their customers are constantly emerging. Greenway Solutions has extensive experience in assessing, strengthening, and testing companies’ security controls and processes to prevent, detect and remediate threats. Our capabilities cover all digital channels and all critical control points including device security, authentication, account opening, transaction monitoring, and case management.

Greenway’s experts are leaders in customer security. We help companies test fraud controls, comply with regulatory security standards, develop control strategies, understand evolving threats and select best in class controls.


Data Analytics

Model Development

We help clients test and validate predictive models to support data-driven decision making. Our process includes selecting relevant features, preprocessing data, choosing the most suitable model, and evaluating its performance using metrics like accuracy, precision, and recall.

Model Tuning

We offer support for optimizing machine learning models, which involves fine-tuning the model parameters to improve its performance. This includes selecting and validating various combinations of hyperparameters, and utilizing cross-validation and grid search techniques to identify the best-performing model for the task at hand.

Model Validation

We help clients evaluate the effectiveness of their machine learning models through rigorous performance testing. This involves comparing the model’s predictions to actual outcomes using techniques like cross-validation and holdout testing, to ensure that the model is accurate, robust, and able to generalize to new data.

Metrics / Dashboard

We offer services to track and display key performance indicators, such as accuracy, precision, and recall, in an interactive and easy-to-understand format. Our team creates custom visualizations that allow users to quickly identify trends and patterns in the data, helping clients make informed decisions based on their data.



Identity Verification

We work with clients to verify the identity of individuals or entities through a multi-layered approach that combines personal data, government-issued identification, biometric data, and other methods. This process is designed to prevent fraudulent activity and financial crimes by ensuring that the person or entity is who they claim to be.


We assist clients with user and device identity verification, which is a vital component in safeguarding against fraud and financial crimes. This process involves using credentials, such as usernames and passwords, to confirm the identity of authorized individuals, and restrict access to sensitive information and transactions to prevent unauthorized access.

Transaction Monitoring

We offer a real-time financial transaction monitoring and analysis strategy that enables the identification and flagging of suspicious activity. By analyzing financial transactions in real-time, our solution can detect patterns of behavior that may indicate potential fraud, such as sudden large transactions or unusual account activity.

Target Operating Model

We help organizations prevent and detect fraud, by developing a comprehensive plan that outlines the policies, procedures, and technologies needed to identify and mitigate fraud risk. Our plan includes defining the roles and responsibilities of different teams and individuals within the organization, as well as establishing the procedures for investigating and responding to suspected fraud.



Project Management

We help successfully implement fraud prevention programs by providing comprehensive project management services. This involves planning and executing the work of cross-functional teams, and closely monitoring and controlling project activities to ensure that they align with the program’s goals and success criteria. Our end-to-end approach enables us to effectively manage each phase of the project, from planning to closing, and ensure that the program is executed smoothly and efficiently.

Control Design Flow

We assist clients in identifying potential vulnerabilities and assessing fraud risks by designing controls to mitigate those risks and integrating them into the organization’s systems and processes. This iterative process involves continuously monitoring and reviewing controls to adapt to changing fraud threats.

Technical Architecture

We work with clients in designing and organizing of their technology systems, applications, and infrastructure to effectively detect and prevent fraud. Our services encompass hardware and software selection, network components, data flow, storage, and integration with other systems to ensure optimal design and alignment with their fraud prevention goals.

Rule Configuration

We provide assistance in configuring fraud detection systems by setting up the rules and parameters that govern the detection and flagging of suspicious activities. This includes defining criteria for identifying suspicious activity, setting appropriate thresholds for alert triggers, and determining the actions to be taken when a suspicious activity is detected.



Fraud Health Check

We provide a Fraud Health Check assessment to evaluate the effectiveness of an organization’s fraud prevention measures. Our service includes analyzing existing controls and policies, reviewing historical fraud cases, and identifying potential vulnerabilities and areas for improvement in the organization’s fraud prevention strategy. The outcome of our Fraud Health Check is a report that provides recommendations and a roadmap for enhancing the organization’s overall fraud prevention capabilities.

FFIEC Stronger Auth

We ensure financial institutions are in compliance with the US government’s recommended practices for strong authentication in electronic banking systems. These guidelines include the implementation of multi-factor authentication, risk-based authentication, and the use of out-of-band authentication methods. Our assessment includes a thorough review of existing practices and identifies areas for improvement in the institution’s fraud prevention strategy, including compliance with these guidelines. 

Peers / Best Practices

We compare your organization’s fraud prevention strategy, controls, and performance against other similar organizations in your industry or sector. We benchmark against industry standards, regulations, and best practices, and identify areas where your organization can improve its fraud prevention capabilities. This service helps your organization understand how you compare to your peers and provides you with actionable insights to enhance your overall fraud prevention capabilities.

Fraud / AML Policies and Procedures

Our policy and procedure review assesses an organization’s fraud and money laundering prevention measures to ensure they align with industry standards and regulations, and effectively mitigate risk. This includes evaluating the effectiveness of current policies and procedures, identifying gaps and areas for improvement, and providing recommendations for changes and enhancements. We aim to optimize your organization’s fraud and money laundering prevention strategy and provide actionable steps for improvement.


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