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From marketing to analytics to e-commerce solutions, Greenway’s deep experience with solution domains can help align enterprise needs with real-world capabilities. 


Customer Strategy

Customer Journey

We specialize in guiding clients through a transition to a “customer first” mindset, enabling them to define and map their customers’ journey in detail. This process involves conducting a thorough analysis of the full spectrum of interactions and touchpoints between the customer and the brand or product. Our team assists clients with identifying pain points, defining opportunities for improvement, analyzing customer feedback, conducting user research and testing, and creating visual representations of the customer journey.

Customer Messaging and Targeting

We support clients in the development and execution of effective customer messaging strategies. We work closely with our clients to develop personalized messaging approaches that are designed to maximize customer engagement, increase conversion rates, and drive long-term retention. Our team provides comprehensive assistance in creating and optimizing targeted campaigns, developing audience segmentation models, and designing automated messaging programs that leverage customer behavior and preferences.

Sales Lead Management and Referrals

We help clients in the development of comprehensive sales lead and referral programs that span all stages of the customer lifecycle. Our services include identifying, tracking, and nurturing potential customers, as well as improving systems for capturing leads, scoring and qualifying them, and generating referrals through the effective use of marketing and sales automation tools.

Performance Management and Analytics

We work with clients to measure the success and effectiveness of their digital products or services. We collaborate closely with our clients to define, set, and track specific metrics that are aligned with their business objectives. Our approach is focused on data-driven decision making, and we work to improve our clients’ processes for analyzing data and making informed decisions. Our team provides comprehensive support in optimizing and improving marketing performance, as well as all facets of the user experience.


Innovation & Product Definition​

Product Roadmap Planning

We specialize in helping clients expedite their strategic planning process, enabling them to efficiently rationalize and initiate new digital transformation priorities. Our services encompass a comprehensive range of activities, including goal setting, ensuring strategic alignment, developing priorities, and creating achievable plans and milestones.

Business Case Development 

We assist clients in defining and effectively communicating the financial, customer, and strategic benefits of their digital programs or products. We work closely with our clients to help them articulate the value proposition of their digital offerings, and to build a compelling business case that justifies the investment and resources needed for the start-up or continuation of their programs.

Strategic Requirements 

We help with accelerating our clients’ product definition and strategic requirements work. We provide comprehensive support across various stages of client readiness, offering early-stage assistance for scope definition and rationalization, epic planning, and detailed user story development and grooming. Our team is highly experienced in working within complex client environments and is adept at adapting to their methodologies and process requirements.

Solution Architecture 

Our team has a wealth of technical expertise and experience that enables us to assist most clients in defining and rationalizing the technical architecture and systems or platforms required to power their digital solutions. Our services include evaluating and rationalizing new vendor or platform decisions, assessing the impact of current client systems, and navigating the complex technical dependencies that often exist within client environments.



Go-to-market Planning

We help clients develop and rationalize their plans for launching new products, services, or solutions into the market. Our approach includes a comprehensive analysis of market trends and customer needs, followed by the identification of target customers and the development of clear, effective positioning and messaging strategies. We work closely with our clients to choose the most effective channels and partners, and to define the budget and resources required for a successful launch.

Omni Channel Integration

We provide expert assistance to clients with enterprise-level and cross-channel planning and program execution. We understand that delivering a seamless and consistent customer experience across all channels, while building a unified view of the customer, can present a range of complex organizational, process, and technical challenges.

Emerging Technology Strategy

We help clients to understand the role and potential of emerging technologies in their customer experience plan or digital strategy. This involves exploring the capabilities of technologies such as Chat Bots and AI, new Mobile App features, and Open Commerce/Open Banking and API capabilities. We work closely with our clients to assess market and internal readiness to test and experiment with these new technologies, and to determine the potential benefits they may offer. Our team provides expert guidance to help clients justify new or continued investment in these technologies, and to navigate the complexities of emerging trends.

Platform Rationalization / Vendor Selection

We offer expert guidance to clients seeking to evaluate and select the most appropriate technology platforms and vendors that align with their business objectives and support their product/service goals. Our team conducts a thorough analysis of the client’s current technology landscape, identifies any gaps or overlaps, and presents a detailed comparison of the capabilities and costs of different options.


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